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Keeping Young Men Safe By Providing Summer Fun And Engagement in Chica

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Summer Dates

Summer Programming Dates 2024

Born 2 Win Conference

Friday, June 14, 2024


Monday, June 24,2024


Monday, July 29, 2024

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14 -24



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Must be a resident of Chicago and

Submit a School or State ID 

Summer Program Application Process

2-Step Summer Job Application Process


Champs Summer Program- only complete Step 1 (Ages 10 and up that will not work with CHAMPS but want to be apart of our program)

Champs Summer Jobs- Must Complete  One Summer Chicago-Required to be hired by CHAMPS 


Step 1

CHAMPS Summer Application MUST BE COMPLETE for both Champs Summer Job and Champs Summer Program

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Step 2

CHAMPS One Summer application only for interested workers ages 14-24

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Summer Time Is About You

Learn a skill, develop your why, build discipline, engage with mentors over the summer, while growing as a responsible leader.  Take a look at yourself and demand greatness.   

Our Champs Summer is two tracks. Champs Summer Programming Ages 10-24 that are not working will be able to participate in programming on Mondays and special days throughout the summer.  Champs Summer Job Ages 14-24 will be in partnership with One Summer Chicago and other partners.   We will work with local business owners and organizational sites to provide job hours and roles.  Each site will have a Champs Supervisor ensuring our young men are meeting the expectations of the workplace.  



Last Summer champs Workers-All Champs workers were required to work 20 hours a week. Champs workers had the option to work  a morning shift or an afternoon shift. All Shift are 4 hours a day. Champs could only take 2 days off throughout the six week Champs leadership training program. Champs workers were able to pre-communicate with supervisor about making up hours that was missed from a work week.

Summer Work Days/Times Options (2)

1.  Morning Work Shift  (9AM – 1PM) – Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu

2.  Afternoon Work Shift  (1PM – 4PM) – Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu

Champs Program Only mentees will be geared around enrichment activities and are available to everyone on Wednesdays. Champs Exposure Field Trip days on Fridays are RSVP only. Every week on the Band App, Champs will share a google form that mentees or parents have to fill out an order to go on the trip for that week. 

Summer Programming Days/Times

Wednesday 9:30AM – 1pm 

Fridays – Time (Depends on the Trip)



  • Free Field Trip
  • Free Food
  • Champs T-shirt 
  • We connect with the community and bring in people who forged their own paths, showing you how to do the same. You don’t just discover who you want to be. You connect with people who get you there.

“CHAMPS is by far the premier male mentoring program in the country. Children are given an opportunity to maximize capacities aligned with developing their best selves via carefully curated programming, activities, and rich engagement of responsible and concerned adults.”

Darnell Leatherwood | CHAMPS Mentor

mentors that believe in you

All In: Who Stands With You Every Day of the Week

There’s a certain type of man who volunteers their time to help you find a new path. They want to talk to you. They want to listen to you. They want to learn together. They believe in the intentionality of action.

Why? Because they believe in you. We have a diverse male presence who isn’t here to tell you what to do or think. They’re here to help you get to where you want to go.

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