Social-Emotional Learning & Manhood Development Curriculum

The CHAMPS Male Mentoring SEL Curriculum promotes positive Racial Identity and provides a safe environment for young men to engage in culturally relevant conversations while exploring their own identity and history and developing their social-emotional capacities. Students engage in discussions about weekly goals, track academic and behavioral progress, and go through lesson plans focused on life skills and leadership development. The CHAMPS SEL Curriculum encourages participants to strengthen their core social-emotional competencies (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making), and to catalyze the growth and development of students’ manhood.

The Results Speak for Themselves

A network-wide survey of students’ experience in classes across 17 schools shows that CHAMPS class promotes BELONGING, ENGAGEMENT, POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS and PEDAGOGICAL EXCELLENCE! As schools push for greater EQUITY and work to create better outcomes for BYMOC, CHAMPS has the experience and expertise to improve students’ school experience and support their emotional development.

CHAMPS Student Experience Data

% Indicates Overall Favorability Ratings by Students


If I have a problem, I know my mentors will help me


If I have a challenge, my mentors work with me to find a solution

Youth Served in 2024

Bring CHAMPS to your School!

CHAMPS has also been working with several school partners to develop extra-curricular programming options for students. Over the last year all programming has been done virtually, but we expect to offer both virtual and in-person options for schools next year as students return to in-person learning. Contact CHAMPS to discuss options to bring CHAMPS programming to your school. We are still developing our model as we transition back to in-person programming and will update the site accordingly.

Extra-curricular and in-school programming integrates the CHAMPS SEL Curriculum and is built around the 3E’s of EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT and EXPOSURE. CHAMPS creates a safe environment for young men to develop positive Racial Identity, strengthen their social emotional capacities, grow as leaders and gain exposure to a range of people, experiences and opportunities.

Guiding Young Men to Achieve their Dreams


The Mission of the CHAMPS Male Mentoring Program is to Educate, Empower, and Expose African-American and Latino Young Men beyond the four walls of the school in order to help them to achieve their dreams and goals.

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