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Our young men are BORN 2 WIN in every situation in life. We need your support to ensure they have opportunities to reach their full potential. Donations to CHAMPS support Saturday programming, Exposure trips and youth stipends as well as general operating expenses.

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“I was going down a dark path during my sophomore year of high school. I was not acting like myself. Growing up I had been a pillar of my community performing spoken word, doing physical health outreach, and mental health educating. But that year people around me noticed a declining interest for my passions and I started getting in trouble. At one point my actions nearly got me expelled from my high school. However, a man by the name of Vondale Singleton invited me to his office for an intervention. Through CHAMPS I’ve experienced things that my peers only dream of doing during their lifetimes. CHAMPS has groomed me into the forward thinking and talented individual I am today.”

Steven Burres | University of Michigan

A gift to CHAMPS enables us to

  • Recruit more young men and mentors to participate in our program
  • Fund weekly programming, trips and activities
  • Create opportunities for students to travel outside the city, state and country
  • Hire and train teens who sustain our program while developing skills and work experience that will help them in the future


I support CHAMPS because it allows me to be an active participant in my community and give time to influence the next generation of Black and Brown boys being raised against all the odds in the inner-city.  We get to come alongside parents as a reinforcement of the values they learn at home and share our personal experiences to transform their lives.

Tony Briscoe | CHAMPS Mentor