CHAMPS in the Community


Service is one of our Core Values. CHAMPS members are active leaders in their community and inspire a sense of duty and service Through our pillars of Education, Empowerment and Exposure we  educate young men on culturally relevant issues facing the community, empower them to get involved in creating solutions and expose them to a variety of opportunities so they can identify the issues that matter to them.

CHAMPS in Action

CHAMPS creates service opportunities to instill a love of service, and to provide community members opportunities to view our young men in a more positive light. When our young men engage in service they demonstrate their skills and can be seen as the leaders they are.

CHAMPS Community Clean Up

In March 2021, CHAMPS joined with local groups in Greater Grand Crossing to clean up several blocks, collecting trash and helping with neighborhood beautification.

Service Building Restoration

Community Partnerships

We look for ways to engage with other community organizations.  We believe that we have the answers to our problems.   We help push one another in various ways.   We work on communication skills so that we can articulate our dreams and goals. 

Comer Family Turkey Distribution

CHAMPS Unity in Brotherhood 

One of our pillars is Brotherhood.  We believe that we can unite and fight against violence and crime by coming together.   We strive to keep our fellowship close as brothers. 

CHAMPS Mentors in Action

CHAMPS Mentors Sam Binion and Greg Harris lead a team of men from the community in Operation Safe Pump.

With the rise in carjackings over the past year these men saw a need to step up and ensure community members could get their gas safely. They have been partnering with CPD for several months to show up at local gas stations for several hours each week to provide safe access.

Interested in getting involved with CHAMPS?

The Mission of the CHAMPS Male Mentoring Program is to Educate, Empower, and Expose African-American and Latino Young Men beyond the four walls of the school in order to help them to achieve their dreams and goals.

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